When your baby is 1 week old, and she has her 1st MRI and the results aren’t what you thought you would ever hear, let alone something you never want to hear……Veronika has an injury to her brain from the bleed she had before she was born, and we believe that it will affect her movement down the left side of her body, and she will most likely never walk….

I guess at that point in you make a decision, one of two possible options i guess. You either think ‘oh well, if that’s how its gonna be, why bother,’ OR ‘Yes she will walk, and we will come back in when she does and say I TOLD YOU SO’.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Donations for the Auction....

Auction Hosted By Tori Hodgman....

Dream and Just Believe,
Digital Collection 1, $500 Voucher for Digital Collection 1

Virgin Blue Travel Voucher,
Value $400, donated by Millie and Friends.

Bruny Island Eco Tour
Gift Voucher 1 family (2 Adults and 3 children) 3 hour Wilderness cruise   Value $300

Rotor Lift City Scenic tour            
Gift Voucher for Helicopter Flight over Hobart for 4 people  Value $780

 Active Electronics                            
 22 inch LCD TV Value $399

Car Repairs Tasmania
10 adult Movie Vouchers  Value $110

Kids Birthday Party Catering
Including Cake and food(all home made) Value $250

Gift Voucher for a service            Value $150

Dream and Just Believe,
Digital Collection 1, $500 Voucher for Digital Collection 1

LeslieVale Landscape
Trine will be your slave for 5 hours(gardening, baby sitting, house work etc)       Value $ you decide

 Top Gun                                                 
 Warbird Tasmania Mission 2 : "The Nanchang Reconnaissance "  
Value $1400, Flight + Jacket + Cap
(RESERVE of $600)
We also had a silent auction....Thankyou to the following people/businesses for hampers
  • Tassie Sweet Temptations
  • Amcal Shoreline, Revlon Pack
  • Hobart Flashengeist
  • Island Berries
  • Araminta Musk  
  • Tania Granquist, Stampin' Up

Gift Vouchers
  • Tango Hair Salon x 2
  • Hudsons Coffee, Murray Street
  • Ghost Tours of Hobart and Battery Point
  • Jelila Designs
  • Kingborough Sports Centre, Kindergym Party
  • Paula Heald Massage
  • Anne Bradburn, Tahune Airwalk family pass
  • Solo Pizza and pasta
  • Wedding and special occasion makeup
Other Items
  • Colin Mundy, Huon Pine Mantle Clock
  • David O'Byrne, wine
  • Puzzle People, 3 puzzles
  • Spot on the fishing Connection, fishing rod and camping chairs
  • KT, Eskimo Joe Poster, signed
  • Wall Art By Eve
  • Tasmanian Fire Equipment, 2x home fire safety packs
  • Xtras Direct Shoreline, Necklace
Also thankyou to 
  • Mulberry Tree Shoreline Shopping Centre for Teddy Bear
  • Babylon, for Hat
  • Steve Lovegrove Photography for 10x$150 vouchers
  • 9/11 Shoreline for wine donation
  • Banjo's Shoreline for platters to feed the Entertainers 
  • Michelle Williams for wine
  • Down Syndrome Tasmania
And a special Mention to Peter Sibilant for making the Posters, Tickets and Veronika's website, www.veronikawillwalk.org We have had so many comments about how amazing the posters look. Dale thankyou for plastering Hobart with them.....

Today Thankyou doesnt seem a big enough word....

3 months ago, I wrote here on my blog, that I had finally decided that yes, Veronika did need a hydrotherapy spa for home to help give her the best chance at getting up on her feet to walk. I had been to get a quote for a possible hydro spa and it was $5,500, then I would need to fence it in. So I thought "I will give myself 6 months to raise $6,500". Maybe deep down I thought it would be possible.....but seriously 6 months for 6 grand! That's what I call a goal.....

The following morning I had a call from Sallyanne.  Sally had told her girls about what I wanted to do for Veronika. Jules and Sissy had decided that morning they would ask their teacher if they could do a free dress day and BBQ or similar as a fundraiser for Veronika. They then asked Bob(the Amazing Ashton) if he would do a magic show for a gold coin donation. He agreed and then it snowballed into Veronika Will Walk, with the main fundraiser Veronika Will Walk Gala day. Including 2 shows, a 1pm children's show, and 7pm adult show and auction. Which was planned for yesterday. I dared to dream even further and got a quote for the next size hydrotherapy spa, which would mean the goal would be $12,000......

In the 3 months in between,
  • we had a couple of fundraising BBQ's at K&D, total $870.70
  • sold malteaster chocolate's $120
  • Liz from Medical Imaging ran an Easter Raffle, $1308
  • Goodwood high school had a fundraiser, $149.95
  • Entertainment book sales, $825
  • St Cuthbert's Cup Cake day for Veronika, + donation $1029.95
  • I was also given a lot of donations from people who couldn't attend VWW, but wanted to help
We also pre sold tickets to VWW events, but I have included these amounts in the actual show takings

At the 1pm show we raised $2079.20 This came from ticket sales(pre purchased and at the door), Raffle tickets and donations received at the show.

The 7pm show and auction raised $7010.25. This was broken down into.....
  • Ticket sales at the door/pre purchased, + donations at the door $2370
  • Auction hosted by Tori $2990
  • Silent auction $1376
  • Donations $274.25
So on the 28th May, Veronika Will Walk Gala Days the fundraising effort was $9089.45

We also received a very generous donation, from someone who wanted to give us the opportunity to roof over where the hydrotherapy spa will go, and depending on the rest of the fundraising efforts maybe enclose or partly enclose the around the area, especially as a wind break, to make it more user friendly year round. This donation was $10,000 which I can say easily brought Sally and myself to tears, and Bob, well he was speechless there for a moment......

So the tally as it stands at the moment is.......


On top of that there are still some payments to go thru for some of the auction items which will add just over $1350 more to the tally. 

I am still teary when I think about what has been achieved in such a short amount of time. I seriously thought $6,500 in 6 months was a huge goal, but to get to $23,987.46 + in just over 3 months.....well that's just CRAZY....

I have so many people to Thank......Sally, Jules and Sissy, and Bob. None of this would of been possible if you didn't dare to dream....Youth Arc for donating the venue, and Joel for giving up his day to look after the Tech side of things(and move furniture).

Michelle Pears, from Makebelieve Entertainment and her Funbugs, What fun, I have never seen so many antennas in one place!. Louise from Colour Me Dizzy, she didn't leave to every child that wanted their face painted, had been painted. Batman. Tansy, the clown Juggled and Juggled, and The Amazing Ashton....well you are amazing and that Birthday cake for Miss V......

From the 7pm show i need to thank....
  • Tori Hodgman, what an amazing person. You did a great job with MC the evening and running the Auction at a minutes notice. 
  • Joel for his music as people were arriving
  • The singers David Boon, Fiona Hutchison and Mia Palencia (she should of brought more of her CD's to sell, she sold out to quickly), Radio Silence, and the "busker Dudes" Joel got to come along
  • Comedians Mick Lowenstein, Tim Logan and Tracy Cosgrove. 
  •  The gorgeous burlesque girls, Miss Kittys Meow, Scarlett Jezabel, Lady Lola,  and Lucy Sky Diamond. 
  • Bob for scheduling both shows and keeping them on track
All the performers donated their time to come and support Veronika. How amazing is that. 

Then there were all the behind the scene people, Auntie Mary for the decorations for the kids show.....The happy smiling faces.....Rob, Carolyn, Tansy and  Dale for helping lug everything from the car park to Youth Arc, and their efforts to ensure the performers and other volunteers were looked after. My Dad, Lester for being the minister for finance and looking after door sales. My Mum, Anne for helping serve the food. Taylor for our RSA gal, and making sure everyone was refreshed. Ryan the door police, kept and eye on the door....

And how could I not mention our BrightStars.....our dance group we started late last year for people with Down Syndrome. I think our 1st public performance was a success opening the 1pm show.....it brings a tear to my eyes just thinking about how far we have come in just a few short months.....

Dani from DreamandJustBelieve

And Sally again I need to thank her for carrying around Veronika. She did get used to the red wig eventually!

We made Southern Cross News last night and the Sunday Tasmania today.....

So tomorrow I am looking forward to ordering Veronika's Hydrotherapy Spa.....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY

Well its been 3 months since I first Bloged that I wanted to get Veronika a Hydrotherapy spa so she could defy her doctors that said after her 1st MRI of her brain at age 1 week, "she will most likely be limp down the left side of her body, and will most likely never walk."
Tomorrow is the big day. Veronika Will Walk......1pm Childrens Event.....7pm Adult Show and Auction. I have just checked on the tally raised so far and its a huge $8073.83  I can't wait for tomorrow. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait to meet all the people who are donating their time to perform and help run the day.
Most importantly I need to say a huge THANKYOU to Sallyanne McShane and Bob Buchanan, for putting Veronika Will Walk together. You are both truely amazing people, I dont think I have met anyone else as giving of themselves. Sally I only met last July, when Willow and Veronika shared a room in hospital, and Bob I only met 3 months ago, when he offered to help Veronika. Thankyou somehow doesnt seem enough.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3rd Brain MRI done, and possitive result from hearing test....

Veronika had her MRI and Hearing Test yesterday.....as you can see she wasn't at all worried about having her anaesthetic!

Her hearing is fine, *Happy Dance from me*....it's not that often I get, "nothing to worry about" from a Doctor! And I have to wait to Veronika's next Paed appointment in early June to find out the results of her brain MRI.....

Monday we saw the OT and she is really happy with Veronika's progress with her left hand. We are still using restraint therapy, to hold her right hand down so she has to use her left one, and slowly we are making some really nice progress.....and it may look mean, but Veronika really likes her restraint! she used to cry when I took it off, and would sign for 'more'!

Today we went to Early Learning. Veronika loves going to her 'school', I tell her on the way we are going to "school" and you can play with Willow(her best friend). Veronika sits in the car on the way signing 'play' then 'W' for Willow. Veronika is also really enjoying playing with Stella, so I think 'S' will be the next sign we work on! The 3 girls sit at the table at morning tea time, and see what each other has. Willow always asks(Willow signs amazingly) for one of Veronika's biscuits.....and then we offer Stella and the other children one too. Veronika's most favourite things at early learning are playing in the playground(in the car going down the bumpy stairs, it OK they are rubber rock, not concrete!) and singing time. Veronika loves music......no Really LOVES MUSIC....

Last week Veronika did a Cake Smash Session with Dani from Dream and Just Believe, you must check our Dani's blog entry.....


What a great way to celebrate making it to your 3rd Birthday, when Veronika really shouldn't of  survived her birth.....isn't Veronika amazing?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday and A Flower Girl

This was my face book status Friday night

"this time 3 years ago, I was waiting to be induced, as the stress of Veronika's stroke, pre birth was too much to cope with, and I hadn't really slept for 3 weeks since it was picked up.....praying for the best possible outcome as we were told she may not survive her birth.....3 years have passed and we are so Blessed to have the most amazing, inspiring, brave, strong little girl a parent could wish for....... She is absolutely perfect and I cant wait to celebrate her 3rd Birthday tomorrow....I love my Baby girl to the moon and back...."

I can't believe Veronika is actually 3. Its gone so fast, yet at the same time it seems like forever we have had her in our family. She is just so precious......

Anyway, I thought I would be really lazy as we were going to Queenstown for my friend Sue's Wedding. She asked Veronika to be a Flower Girl. So I decided to go to the health food shop to get a 'packet cake'(I know that's pathetic, but I don't have time to bake when I have to go away for the weekend, so I thought I could make it tomorrow and have a Birthday Tea tomorrow night). SO anyway, i found one that's gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, and soy free.....yeah for me, something Veronika can have.....so I turn to box over and you need to add 2 eggs to it! Grrrr, why would you manufacture a product egg free, that you need to add egg to. So I asked the sales assistant about it and she said to use the egg re placer. I told her I have tried that before and it constipated Veronika even more than usual, as basically its a binding agent, and yep it bound her up! She did suggest however that you can grind up linseed's and water to use as an eggs replacement. Will see how it goes when I try tomorrow.

SO yesterday, on Veronika's 3rd Birthday we set off early to Queenstown. I called the Roadhouse halfway there to see if the road was open due to snow. He said there was a good 6 inches on the road, so we decided to set off and hope some of it would melt before we got there! And yes a lot of snow there was!!!

So we finally made it to Queenstown, after 4 and half hours of driving(over an hour of that was thru snow, it was so pretty). Then we checked into the hotel and I took Veronika off to Sue's to get ready.

Then off the the Queenstown Railway for the Wedding. It was such a beautiful setting for a lovely wedding. We were inside the Station, with the Steam Engine in the background.

 After the Wedding Ceremony, we were treated to a ride on the Railways, Steam Engine and all. It was fantastic. Veronika loved it(so did Jordan, and Jakob after we convinced Jakob it was going to be fun, my little thrill seeker was worried!)

It was a fantastic day, Veronika and Natalie(Sues daughter) were the cutest little flower girls ever. This morning after breakie we set off home, and the boys were disappointed there was hardly any snow, but we did manage to find a little bit for them to have a quick snow fight with Daddy!

So for the week ahead, Veronika sees her Occupational Therapist tomorrow morning, and Tuesday she is having a MRI of her brain to see if there are any changes to the area of her brain injury, as well as a hearing test while she is under the anaesthetic. After that I cant remember off the top of my head what we have planned for the rest of the week, I need to get over Tuesday 1st.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Opthamology....that word cracks me up!

Veronika had her Opthamology appointment last Friday. We set off early as her appointment was at 8:30.........yep they were running late and we saw the Dr just before 10am. He had a look at her eyes and then said they would need to put some drops in, and he would need to have a look at her eyes "a little while later".
So we went for a wander to see Veronika's friend Natty, who was up on the Paed ward for a few minutes and then wandered back to the Eye Clinic to see the nurse. Yes the eye drops were working, but "there are still a few people ahead of you, so if you want to go for a walk and come back in 30 mins or so". Silly me decided to go down stairs to PACU to sort some things out, and Veronika really didn't like the sunlight as her pupils were fully dilated by that point......Oops.
When we finally saw the Opthamologist, he said Veronika isn't short sighted, but she has a stigma in both eyes, she doesn't need glasses yet, and to come back in a year.

So then we went to Audiology as Veronika is booked to have an MRI of her brain next week, and the ENT specialist said if Veronika ever has a anaesthetic for anything to get a hearing test done while she is under the anaesthetic. So I went to check that it had all been sorted, well I was pleasantly surprised when the Audiologist knew all about it, and she said she would call MRI again and check everything is good to go. We left just after 1pm, it had been a long morning. The Audiologist called me back on Monday, and everything is sorted hearing test wise. Now just to see about getting a pre admission appointment for the anaesthetist, which she has to have because of her multiple disabilities.......sometimes I just think it shouldn't be so much work checking that everything is right to go, but then its gotta be done and I would feel guilty if something got missed.....

Veronika major achievement of the week is that she has learnt to climb up on the dining chairs.....and doesn't she think she is just to clever.....she sat up at the table this morning and had some cranberries, even thought she could hardly even see the table top!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fantastic News from our trip to Melbourne

Well we finally had some good news about Veronika on Monday. We went to see her paediatric cardiac cath surgeon in Melbourne. Last year we went to see him in July after her having pneumonia every 4 weeks. She had a hole (ASD) in her heart that was 19mm. He decided that it needed to be closed. He put her at the top of the waiting list and we went over in November for surgery. However when we went back her hole had reduced to 9mm. He decided not to operate as he had never seen a hole as big as she had reduce in size as much as it had in such a short amount of time. So he said to come back in 6 months.....fast forward to Monday. Veronika's echo showed her ASD to measure 4mm....Yeah. So no surgery. And we don't need a cardiac review for 12 months, and he is happy for us to have it in Hobart, when the cardiologist visits. I am so happy to have some great news at last!!!!!!

Veronika loved the plane ride over and back. As soon as we landed she started signing "more".  

Plane trip on the way home, kicking back watching my iPad