When your baby is 1 week old, and she has her 1st MRI and the results aren’t what you thought you would ever hear, let alone something you never want to hear……Veronika has an injury to her brain from the bleed she had before she was born, and we believe that it will affect her movement down the left side of her body, and she will most likely never walk….

I guess at that point in you make a decision, one of two possible options i guess. You either think ‘oh well, if that’s how its gonna be, why bother,’ OR ‘Yes she will walk, and we will come back in when she does and say I TOLD YOU SO’.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Planning for the next 6 months......

What a buzz.....today at ECIS on of Veronika's friends who has just started WALKING.....came in the door and stood next to me as I was pushing Veronika on the swing. She had her arms outstretched after a hug. It was one of those moments, life suddenly pauses for a few moments, to take it in....this adorable little girl, had walked all the way from the car, and was so excited to be at school with her friends. It wasn't just that she WALKED, it was more than that, the joy on her face, still brings a tear to my eye just thinking about the moment. She gave me the biggest hug, and for a brief moment the world stopped, around me.....maybe that's because deep down I cant wait for that day that Veronika will be strong enough to walk....she has already mastered the art of getting a hug.

My week is only going to get more exciting from here. Friday I am off to speak at a conference on my journey with Veronika. About finding my MumSense. I am really excited to be able to share some of my journey over the last 3 and a bit years, but at the same time, a little nervous. It's not the speaking in front of a room full of people, its more about sharing some pretty personal "stuff". I will have to let you know how i get on!

Veronika is recovering from her latest UTI. She bounces back so fast which is amazing really. Tomorrow we have a planning meeting with her Physio, Occupational Therapist, hopefully her teacher from ECIS is she can make it in between appointments, and the social worker. We will be looking at the goals we set at the last meeting(which was maybe late last year). I am really excited about this planning meeting as Veronika has reached some of those goals, the 2 biggest holding her own bottle and crawling. It will be interesting what her therapists have their minds for Veronika's goals for the next 6 months too.

Stay tuned for the goals.....

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