When your baby is 1 week old, and she has her 1st MRI and the results aren’t what you thought you would ever hear, let alone something you never want to hear……Veronika has an injury to her brain from the bleed she had before she was born, and we believe that it will affect her movement down the left side of her body, and she will most likely never walk….

I guess at that point in you make a decision, one of two possible options i guess. You either think ‘oh well, if that’s how its gonna be, why bother,’ OR ‘Yes she will walk, and we will come back in when she does and say I TOLD YOU SO’.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just because I wasn't busy enough.........

You have probably heard about the Better Start Funding....its funding for additional early intervention therapies. We are blessed that Veronika's diagnosis fits the listed diagnosis to qualify for the funding.

I had been think for quite some time about getting Veronika additional Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy(OT). I registered Veronika under the Better Start funding in July, and last week I made a few phone calls, spoke with a few friends with little ones with additional needs as to who they see privately, and then spoke with some therapists.

I talked with an Occupational Therapist and we decided to see her fortnightly until the end of January, and booked all the appointments in......(just hope I don't loose my diary, should write them all on the calendar at home too i guess!).

I also talked with the Physio that has seen Veronika thru her school(ECIS), and we booked to see her in November, but I requested to see her early if she got a cancellation. I had a phone call on Monday, they had an appointment for Tuesday(yesterday) so I took it.

So yesterday morning we went to MyTime(support group for families with pre schoolers with additional needs) then went off to see the Physio. We didn't need to waste any time with a history as she 1st saw Veronika when she would of been around 8 weeks old. She wants to get her into a second skin


as that will help so much with her core stability, which will in turn help with her arm/leg function. She has given us some things to work on at home.

We then went to see the OT. She has so many fantastic ideas for Veronika. I was shocked how quickly the OT got Veronika to do what she wanted. Just really simple ideas, things that won't cost anything, that we can work on without having to go out and spend heaps of money that we don't have! One of the 1st things she did say though was, "I want to see her in a second skin".

I find it amazing how things happen, as I emailed her Physio at St Giles last week asking her to look into if a second skin would be appropriate for Veronika. I got an email back Monday, saying she had looked into it and she would talk more with me about the clinics that the second skin people do down here when she saw me on Wednesday(today). I think the private OT and Physio confirmed that yesterday, and today I told the physio today that Veronika needs a second skin. So now I am trying to figure out the best/fastest way to get one for Veronika!.

As we were leaving the OT yesterday, the Speech Therapist that I had called and spoken with about seeing Veronika privately had a quick chat with us. Her books are full and she isn't taking new patients, and recommended someone else in the same practice. She said she would be following Veronika's progress. She 1st met Veronika when she was about 7 weeks old and had not long been home from hospital, as Veronika's oldest brother was going to see her for Speech Therapy. So I looked at the receptionist to make an appointment, and she had just had a cancellation for today, so I took it.

So today we started private speech therapy! Oh the ideas she had.....

Can I just say my mind is full of the possibilities......

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